Room service

We consider professional cleaning a pivotal aspect in order to grant high-quality standards for clients in hotels. In room-cleaning our staff cares about all details and pays a particular attention to clients’ needs, following precise quality standards.
Moreover, our employees use courtesy and professionalism while dealing with clients: in fact, the hotel image derives from the atmosphere that its entire staff is able to convey to its guests.
Lady Sara Servizi staff concerns about all details and assures accuracy in cleaning as well as in room order, timeliness during working hours, discretion and ever cleaned and ironed uniforms together with a particular regard for personal decorum.

Our procedure

Once the hotel cleaner has arrived to the appointed floor, he/she takes his/her service trolley and ascertains it is fully equipped with cleansers, gloves, cloths, rubbish sacks, linen, sponges and courtesy line.
1. When he/she is at the door of the room to be cleaned, he/she verifies the room is empty knocking at the door and waiting for someone to answer. Then, he/she places the trolley in front of the door in order to avoid strangers’ intrusion and to have an easy access to cleaning products.
2. First, hotel cleaner opens the windows to air the room out and checks the fridge. Then, he/she makes the bed, taking care of not leaning sheets and quilts to the ground. He/she picks the dirty linen up into the dedicated sack and empties the baskets.
3. The cleaning starts with bathroom, using descaling and disinfectant products; afterwards the hotel cleaner becomes the mechanic cleaning of all surfaces. Finally, floor washing and drying end up bathroom cleaning.
4. Then, he/she starts to tide and clean the room: making the bed, wiping the floor and cleaning the furniture. Hence, he/she accurately cleans the tv controller, switches and door handles with a microfiber cloth.
5. In the end, the hotel cleaner restores the linen and he/she concludes room cleaning with floor washing and switching the lights off.

Staff security

Lady Sara Servizi concerns about complying with security regulations necessary for all working areas. First shoes, worn by our staff, are extremely important because they should assure comfort and safety, protect feet and have a rubber sole. Besides clothes, which are not consistent with rules, widely influence accidents prevention and workplace security: this the reason why Lady Sara only uses suitable uniforms and clothes to carry out tasks assigned to every member in its staff.